Frequently asked questions

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  1. Is the money donated to the Einstein a Loan?

    No. The money donated through the Einstein is an in kind donation intended to help students and schools to achieve the goals of learning and providing an effective learning environment. This money is an investment in the future but it is not a loan that individuals and schools will be responsible for paying back.

  1. Is the Einstein a not for profit organization?

    The Einstein is a business company registered with the Rwanda Development Board. The Einstein will operate as Business Company but its purpose is not solely to make profits but also to do good in the world as it runs its business.

  1. Where is the Einstein based?

    The Einstein’s headquarters are located in Rwanda. Our offices are located at the 6th Floor of Telecom House, 8 KG 7 Ave, Kigali, Rwanda

  1. Who is eligible to create a campaign on the Einstein?

    Currently, we are running a pilot program to refine further our vision of connecting philanthropic support to the right student target and need. As such, our services are currently limited to pre-selected students in Rwanda whose education financial needs have been vetted by the Einstein in conjunction with the education institutions that these students attend.

    In the near future, we will offer an option for schools to raise funds on our platform and we will be able to open the platform to students in need who may be interested in using our services.

  1. In what countries will you expand your services to?

    Ideally, if there is a country in Africa where students and schools do not have sufficient financial resources for education purposes, we would love to have a presence there. After Rwanda, we will grow to other East African countries and hopefully to all the African countries. We are starting small, gaining the experience to be the best at what we do and keeping our ambitions to serve all of Africa.

  1. How is the money paid out?

    When school fees money is donated through our platform, it is aggregated by our platform and gets paid out to the school’s bank account as specified by a student during the sign up process.

  1. How do you ensure that the money donated through the Einstein is used for the mentioned purpose?

    The school tuition fees donated through our platform get paid out directly to a school’s bank account. The Einstein also confirms with a faculty contact at the schools whose students use our platform to ensure that the student attends the school and that the donated money is put to the right use.

  1. Is the Einstein a secure platform that I can trust my Bank Account information with?

    Yes! Payment transactions are processed by a secure third-party payment processor that complies with industry standard PCI security requirements.

  1. Who is behind the Einstein and why did you start the Einstein?

    The Einstein Team is made up of current University students and recent university graduates. We started the Einstein after experiencing firsthand the challenges of attending university without enough financial resources to buy books and working multiple jobs to go through school which often did not lead to the best academic results. So we are doing this so that as many students and schools can focus on learning and providing a good learning environment without finances being the limiting factor.

  1. Is this an efficient way to use my money?

    Yes! Donating money to education causes to students and schools in Africa is one of the best investment decisions you can make. Africa’s future will be powered by its young people and this future will be prosperous if today’s African youth can acquire quality education.

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