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Musanze Polytechnic College
Ruhengeri, Rwanda


Jeanette is a hobo girl, she likes Praying and studying, her parents are alive but they are so poor! Her parents consented her to stop going to school because they lacked money to buy school supplies, She didn't accept that, she now goes to school without uniforms, shoes,.. she uses 1 book the whole year! at first she had fear of going to school without all those but she did it. If that goal is achieved this will then be an epochal campaign for her life, as it will satisfy her primary needs.



she wants to become a Doctor because she loves it.


At her level, Her parents gave her some few money to congratulate and keep her going because she had succeeded, and she used the money to buy two hens, she said that when they produce eggs, she will sell them and see if she can get cosmetics and a soap and some food for the family, they eat once in a day sometimes in two days. horrible! right? Her school also has given every wise student a pen and she was among them, you can think that a pen is nothing! but she was happy and grateful for it.


School fees shoes bag books Food.