$900 Missing to Complete Finance Major

$30.0 of $945 raised

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Alice Uwimbabazi    Verified
University of Kigali
Kigali, Rwanda


I am raising $900 for me to be able to complete my university studies at the University of Kigali at their Kigali campus in Rwanda. Each dollar you will be kind enough to provide will assist me to have the financial capacity I need to complete the single year that is outstanding on my university record. I have completed 2 out of the three years I need to finish my finance major at the University of Kigali. May the good Lord Bless you for your contribution.



In 2029, I envision becoming a transformation leader in the real estate field in Rwanda. Currently, there are no affordable, well designed houses for rent for people who are trying to join the middle income group in Rwanda. With your financial help I will excellently solve this challenge.


In the fall of 2016, University of Kigali awarded me title of best academic presenter in the principles of marketing module. This course is taken by over 200 students each year at University of Kigali and "Best academic presenter" title is only awarded to less than 10 students at the whole University. Another achievement that I am proud of is being an excellent customer care giver at GS Bonavita restaurant in kimironko, kigali, Rwanda, which allows me to take care of my baby as a single mother.


Tuition Hard Working Real Estate Developer