Child education in the Kinigi village

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Joshua Niyobuhungiro
African Leadership University Rwanda
Kigali, Rwanda


I am holding this campaign because I believe it can help me to raise money to support young people in the rural community(Kinigi), who do not have access to quality education. The money will be invested in training which will bring together different intellectuals, university students, business people, professional teachers to give education to people in Kinigi. It will support in buying textbooks, notebooks, teachers' transportation, food and other things necessary for education to go on well.



In 10 years from now, I perceive myself as being part of a great movement that trains young people, equips them with skills up to date, and develops leaders and job makers. This is what I already started.


I believe in the empowerment of young people through education. As Rwanda Team Lead at Whispers of love united organization, I have taken part in organizing pieces of training with an aim of teaching and inspiring young people to become love inspired leaders. Through African Leadership University I participated in organizing the Mo Ibrahim 2018 African Report debate through which I attended the meeting of Women Political Leaders and took part in drafting solutions to problems of young Africans.


Empowering vulnerable youth