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Immaculee Mutuyimana    Verified
African Leadership University Rwanda
Kigali, Rwanda


I am interested in the development of Africans through empowering its youth with business skills that will enable them to create job and boost their business turnover. It inspired me to join International Business & Trade in my undergraduate studies to get relevant knowledge and skills to share with high school graduates and others who want those skills. I need to raise $1500 for tuition fees for the next one year of my studies to get a bachelor then start coaching them business courses in 2022



I have a dream to be the best world servant, particularly in Africa through making 78% of African youth be employed throughout offering quality skills to high school finalists. Through those skills, they will create their own enterprises and be competitive on labour market.


October 2016, I awarded “ISHIMWE” annual award given by the high school for the top three students in the national exam where the award was packaged school materials like books and others. Again, in October 2018, I Became a part of kupambana Africa, a club which is defined as Pan African movement that seeks to empower youth in different careers for the aim of empowering African youth.


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