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Bernard Ndayisenga    Verified
African Leadership University Rwanda
Kigali, Rwanda


In 2017, I was selected to study at African Leadership University, Rwanda. I was lucky to get financial Support half of $4000 which is $ 2000 Tuition fee. Now I have a burden of $2000 to pay which is something I'm afraid that my family and I aren't able to afford due to financial difficulties. I'm kindly reaching out asking for anyone touched on contributing to my studies. NB: There is no small money, even $1 is worth contribution.



In the next ten years, I vision for at least 70% of disabled children in Nyamagabe( Childhood village) to have access to basic needs such as education and health care as well as beloved, cared in their communities. “Being disabled does not mean being enabled” Mind still work.


In 2016, I was admitted to be an African leadership University student. My mind has been positively transformed. At the beginning of 2019, I found the Non- profit organization called African Free Child to care for disabled children. I’m now proud to say that it has been registered and recognized by the Rwanda Government Board. I believe disabled children should be included, treated and cared equally by the societies.


Tuition Free Social Inclusion, Education, Disability