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Bernard Ndayisenga
African Leadership University Rwanda
Kigali, Rwanda


Guest what? I'm supposed to pay my tuition fees, but no any coin is paid yet due financial instability faces family and me. Moreover, I'm the only one in my family who got a chance to be in university. My three siblings are still in secondary and primary levels, and not accessing good education. So, I will use the money to change the game and funds their school's payments and improve their knowledge like others as well as no shame to funds education of a super genius students like them.



From 2021 to2030, I want to ensure that poverty in sub-Sarah Africa is off. My mission is to ensure that every child is free to be a child. Which means free to learn, eat, security and end up a child exclusion from their rights. It will be done through globalizing compassion for them and creating save us organization and free child family.


In 2017, I was able to take a young girl off the street to school. Now she is in a family, studying, eating, protected and others. I'm proud of that success. In 2016, I was able to start a vacancy program called share skills with the kids. It connects kids from different communities and read books, do some sports together, shares some food, learn English. We invite the guests to come to train those kids for the special day planned. Anyways, I'm happy with those narratives.


Tuition security social inclusion